MARTVILI CANYON: comes with a boat trip on Abasha's azure waters


🚣 comes with a boat trip on Abasha’s azure waters

🚣 spectacular sights of a mountain river canyon from a footpath with bridges over, in and around Abasha’s cravings

🚣 nearby a Balda Canyon and a Kaghu waterfall – a perfect place for a picnic & swimming

How to go from Kutaisi to Martvili Canyon?

To go from the hostel Old Lviv to the Martvili Canyon it is necessary take the minibus #1 or # 200 on the main street Shota Rustaveli and go to the bus station near old McDonald (duration 10-20 min), at the bus station take a minibus Martvili to the center of Martvili and there take a taxi or minibus that will take you to the Canyon.


  • Kutaisi > Martvili 5 Lari
  • Martvili > Canyon 3 Lari
  • Martvili > Canyon – TAXI 10 Gel


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