MARTVILI CANYON: comes with a boat trip on Abasha's azure waters


Martvili canyon is one of the most charming places in Georgia, the beauty of the local area every year attracts more and more tourist. Here you can ride a boat and go by the river seeing the beautiful waterfalls. Take care the water is very cold!!

comes with a boat trip on Abasha’s azure waters

spectacular sights of a mountain river canyon from a footpath with bridges over, in and around Abasha’s cravings

? nearby a Balda Canyon and a Kaghu waterfall – a perfect place for a picnic & swimming

How to go from Kutaisi to Martvili Canyon?

To go from the hostel Old Lviv to the Martvili Canyon it is necessary take the minibus #1 or # 200 on the main street Shota Rustaveli and go to the bus station near old McDonald (duration 10-20 min), at the bus station take a minibus Martvili to the center of Martvili and there take a taxi or minibus that will take you to the Canyon.


  • Kutaisi > Martvili 5 Lari
  • Martvili > Canyon 3 Lari
  • Martvili > Canyon – TAXI 10 Gel


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