Okatse Canyon

Okatse Canyon is a canyon situated in the village of Gordi, some 42 kilometers from Kutaisi. Its length is near to 16 kilometers, with a width from 10 to 15 meters and the depth can reach maximum of 50 meters. Along the canyon you can find several waterfalls, the height of the more tallest reaches 70 meters, and amazing landscapes.

? a lifetime experience: a 800 m walk on a bridge built on a cliff 50 m above the canyon
? majestic landscapes and waterfalls along the canyon
? a hiking path with a panoramic views of the whole valley

How to go from Kutaisi to Okatse Canyon?

– From the hostel is necessary go to the main street Shota Rustaveli and take the minibus #1 or # 200 to the bus station near the old McDonald (duration 10-20 min).

– At the bus station catch a minibus Martvili or Khoni to  the Khoni center (30 minutes, price: 3 Lari) and in the center you need to transfer to a minibus for Gordy, it will take you to Okatse Canyon administration building (Khoni>Gordy 30 minutes, price: 3 Lari).

Pictures Author: Achi Gegenava

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