Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave is located 4o kilometers from Kutaisi near Tsalturbo. The cave is one of the most popular destinations in the region, and includes various types of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers, and lakes. The cluster of six caves differs significantly from each other in scale and the unique shapes of petrified flowstone found within. Here you will have a chance take a boat tour through an underground lake.PROMETHEUS CAVE (Kumistavi):

? about 1.5 km or an hour walking trails through the mysterious underworld of natural treasure

?discovered in 1984 became the biggest cave in Georgia
? luminous stalactites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers and a one-of-a-kind mythical atmosphere

How to get from Kutaisi to Prometheus Cave?

From the red bridge take bus #30 direction Tskaltubo, which goes every hour.

At Tskaltubo bus station change the bus to the direction CAVE PROMETHEUS.

  • Kutaisi > Tskaltubo 1 Gel
  • Tskaltubo > Prometheus Cave 2 Gel

The prices are approximate. 

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