What to do in Kutaisi? in three days

First day

Start the first day as we describe in the Blog 1-Day in Kutaisi.

Second Day

In this second day is time to explore the Prometheus Cave and Sataplia region, two of the more beautiful nature places around Kutaisi.



So you can start the journey traveling to the Prometheus Cave where you’re going to see many types of stalactites, stalagmi-tes, petrified water-falls, lakes and travel in a boat in the underground rivers to the underground lake. It’ll be a morning full of beauty and impress-ive landscapes … be ready with your camera and so much energy to spend in these amazing places!!

How to get from Kutaisi to Prometheus Cave?

From the red bridge take bus #30 direction Tskaltubo, which goes every hour. At Tskaltubo bus station change the bus to the direction CAVE PROMETHEUS.

Kutaisi > Tskaltubo 1 Gel. Tskaltubo > Prometheus Cave 2 Gel. The prices are approximate. 


The next sightseeing will be Sataplia, a Nature Reserve, where you can explore dinosaur footprints, incredible mountains.

How to get from Kutaisi to Sataplia?

To get there you have to take a taxi from Prometheus to Sataplia. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist a micro bus from Prometheus to Sataplia.

Third Day

In this third day we’re going to continue exploring the beautiful nature places around Kutaisi… today is the day to visit the two more famous Canyons in Georgia, these are the Canyons Martvili and Okatse.

Morning…MARTVILI CANYON in Georgia

We recommend you start your day going to Martvili Canyon where you’re going to see the perfect equi-librium between mou-ntains, rivers and forest together to the possibility of swim near to Kaghu waterfall.

How to get from Kutaisi to Martvilli Canyon?

From the Hostel you need to take the micro bus #1 or #200 to go to the main bus station near MC Donalds. At the bus station take a micro bus Martvili. Arrived at the center of Martvili take a taxi or a microbus to the Canyon.

1-Kutaisi> Martvili 5 GEL. 2-Martvili> Canyon 3 GEL. 3-Martvilli> Canyon – Taxi 10 GEL


In the afternoon you can go from the Martvilli Canyon to Okatse Canyon, here you’ll be present in front of 16km canyon full of waterfall and walking in a wood sender at 40 meters high contemplating amazing landscapes!!

How to get from Kutaisi to Okatse Canyon?

Okatse Canoyon in Kutaisi Georgia

Coming back to Martvilli center you need to take a microbus to Gordi, once in Gordi you can take a 3 km walk to the Okatse Canyon.

From the hostel is necessary go to the main street Shota Rustaveli and take the minibus #1 or # 200 to the bus station near the old McDonald (duration 10-20 min). – At the bus station catch a minibus Martvili or Khoni to  the Khoni center (30 minutes, price: 3 Lari) and in the center you need to transfer to a minibus for Gordy, it will take you to Okatse Canyon administration building (Khoni>Gordy 30 minutes, price: 3 Lari).

What to do when is raining?

In the case that during your stay in Kutaisi is just a rainy period, here are some recommendations:

1-Visit the Kutaisi State Historical Museum, it was established in the early 20s of the last century. It contains more than 190,000 artifacts,  displaying the archaeological, numismatic, paleographical, ethnographical and spiritual heritage of Georgia.

2-Visit the Kutaisi National Museum of Military Glory where you can travel and revive the tragic Second World Ward and the recent conflicts like the aggression in Abkhazia (1991-1993) and South Osetia (2008).

3-Visite the Kutaisi Parlament, it is situated in Irakli Abashidze Street. The futuristic building is even possible to enter.

Enjoy Kutaisi!!        


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